There has always been artistic appreciation in our lives, and in what we ourselves do. It is therefore natural that one of the intentions for our winery is to make it available for the local arts community.

We are very proud to have hosted dance performances, musical performances and visual art performances and be a base for those wishing to hold creative meetings of one form or another, without the often unfeasible obligations and burdens associated with hiring a place to practice.

We also buy art and music from local artists we know for our gifts or donations that the winery makes, since we can think of no more personal way than to use someone's personal expression and creation as our expression of thanks or appreciation.

We are always delighted when people use our space to rehearse performances. This is particularly special as it is a direct way to assist those who are often not funded to be able to rehearse prior to performing in the Columbus community. These performers are very passionate in what they do and it is our privilege to provide this kind of support and to see them grow professionally at the same time. In short, there is no greater pleasure, than first enduring the pain of deliberately not watching or catching glimpses of these rehearsals and then experiencing the immense satisfaction and pride in seeing the "piece" finally performed elsewhere.

Someone once said of us, "They do what they can with what they have." We guess that could become a motto.